SC Magazine E-Book On Data Loss Prevention

An SC Magazine Publication featuring ADAPTURE

Featuring ADAPTURE Security Architect Cedric Caldwell – “The evidence is in and the old saw about building an impenetrable barrier around the corporate network has been debunked. If bad guys want to get in, they will. Today, the focus is making sure that they can’t get anything of value off the network.”

"In the enterprise, the data security team has one job: Mitigate the damage caused by data loss. In the past it was believed that the security team’s job was to eliminate all data loss and build an impenetrable barrier between corporate data on one side and the rest of the world on the other. Experience today shows us that this is a pipe dream and not reality. If attackers want to get into your network, they will. The test of your company’s mettle is how it responds after the breach to mitigate loss."

This e-book provides best practices for protecting your company's sensitive data and avoiding data loss.