Supporting SHA1 and SHA2 in the Same Virtual Server Using F5 Networks' Local Traffic Manager

A Whitepaper by ADAPTURE F5 CTS, Tim Cullen

This whitepaper explains the design behind the support for SHA1 and SHA2 within the same virtual server using F5 Networks' Local Traffic Manager and illustrates the steps necessary for creating this environment. 

This particular environment had a mixture of SSLv3 and TLS Point-of-Sale devices. The devices were unable to have the encryption level upgraded or changed and unmanned. This caused a unique issue with the POS terminals. Since they were unmanned with no ability to negotiate on their own, if there were any disruption in the SSL communication, the transaction would fail, and that would mean lost revenue. The communications needed to be encrypted on multiple non-standard ports. 

Create an easily supportable solution for when F5 appliances are upgraded, without any custom scripts or manual iRules that need support. 

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